Criteria to Enter Program




    Students Interested in Cooperative Education for the 21-22 School Year can pick up a packet and brochure in the 11/12 Office or:

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    Criteria for Enrollment and Continuing in Program


    • The student must be entering the 12th grade upon enrollment into the program and be at least 16 years old.


    • The student must adequately demonstrate his/her skills and attitudes for the occupational training area.


    • The student must have the recommendation of his/ her guidance counselor, principal, and applicable CTE instructor.

    • The student must be in good standing with attendance and discipline records.


    • Have a passing grade with a C (2.5 G.P.A.) minimum average in all classes for entrance into the Diversified Occupations program (non-CTE students)


    • Have a lab grade of B or better, no more than three absences in a marking period and CTE recommendation from shop instructor for the Capstone Cooperative Education program.


    • The student must have parent/ guardian read and sign Training Agreement/Plan.


    • A student who is not 18 yrs. old must obtain a Work Permit from the main office.

    • The student is responsible for his/ her transportation to and from work.

    • All DO students must successfully complete the Career Safe on-line safety program prior to beginning employment. CTE students will complete a safety training course within their CTE programs.


    • The student will actively participate in and complete all work for the School-to-Work class daily for the DO and weekly for the Capstone Programs. 

    In order for students to be successful in the program, it is recommended that students have the following traits: 

    • The student must have desire to participate and have tentative career goals.

    • The student must have the personal traits and attitudes necessary to obtain and maintain initial employment.


    • The student must be able to get along with others and follow directions.


    • The student must have a good attitude about learning while working.


    • The student must meet with the Diversified Occupations/Cooperative Education Coordinator to discuss course requirements, expectations and any problems on a continuous basis.