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    World Languages Department


    The World Languages Department of the Delaware Valley School District values the importance of communication and collaboration with persons of diverse cultural and social backgrounds.  It is our hope that our students become active global citizens by being tolerant and respectful of different cultures as well as being able to communicate and understand people of other languages with enthusiasm. 

    The study of French, German, and/or Spanish may begin in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11.  The sequence of courses allows students to pursue levels 1 through 4 by their junior year and Advanced Placement in their senior year. This enables students to use the target language for communication and to create opportunities for students to develop an understanding and respect for the art, culture, literature, and most of all, the language of the people that will be studied. Studying a world language as part of a student’s academic program is multi-faceted because it fulfills college entrance requirements (some colleges and universities require two years while others three to four years of language), prepares them for foreign travel, it can provide professional rewards, and will afford them a lifetime of personal pleasure.

    Delaware Valley has always been committed to language study and takes pride in the numbers of students who take advantage of the opportunity to continue the language from grade 8 through 12. The World Languages Department always recommends at least three to four years of one language to attain fluency.