• M o u n t a i n   B i k e   C l u b



    Club Advisor:    


    Tom Moran




    The students will benefit in many ways from the club.  Through the club, students will develop not only their passion for the sport, but also an understanding and respect for the environment, wildlife, and many other aspects of the outdoors. 


    Club members will improve their physical condition.  Biking is considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises.  Mountain biking will not only work the heart and lungs but also will increase the riders’ upper body strength and balance.


    Members of the club will also benefit from the advisor’s knowledge of the sport.  Students will be taught riding techniques during pre-ride skills development clinics.  The riders will learn how to troubleshoot mechanical problems. By increasing mechanical skills students can save money performing repairs on their own, not paying a bike technician.  Learning how to fix technical problems will keep riders’ bikes in proper running condition.  A rider can run into many unusual problems on the trail.  On the trail a rider won’t have access to the proper tools.   Members will learn trailside problem solving tips.


    Mountain biking is an activity that is evolving into one of today’s most challenging outdoor sports.  Students will develop their bodies and minds through mountain biking.  When discussing the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein said, “I thought of that while riding my bike”.