• Physical Education 9

    Mrs. Marchetti


    Google Classroom codes:

    2020 semester 2 period 3: mviqod7

    2020 semester 2 period 4: 6mbbw7b


    Please make sure to log into Google Classroom daily for assignments and due dates.  Email marchettij@dvsd.org with any questions.



    I. Course Description


              A. Purpose: This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of fitness, wellness, and sport.  This course will include instruction in the unit of instruction plus basic fitness principles including body mass index, target heart rate, and designing personal fitness routines.


              B. Objectives: The student will be able to:


    ·         Demonstrate the ability to cooperate with classmates to solve problems.

    ·         Define resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, and target heart rate.

    ·         Identify the components of a personal fitness routine.

    ·         Design a personal fitness routine to obtain a goal.

    ·         Identify different strategies involved in both team and individual sports.

    ·         Demonstrate certain skills involved in team and individual sports.

    ·         Demonstrate proper sportsmanship in all activities.

    ·         Demonstrate improvement in the five areas of physical fitness testing.



    II.  Class Rules


    A. All students are expected to report to the gymnasium/locker room before the late bell.  Students have five minutes to change into physical education clothes and report to the gym for attendance.  Students who are late will be docked class participation points and will be reported to the office.


    B. Once dismissed from class, students are to return to the locker room and change back into regular school clothes.  Students are to remain in the locker room until the dismissal bell rings. 


    C. Students are to remain courteous and respectful to classmates and the teacher at all times.


    D. All medical excuses must be from a medical doctor and should be turned into the nurse’s office.  Notes form a parent will not excuse a student from participating in physical education.

    IV. Grading


              A. Preparation

    Preparation accounts for 20% of a student’s total physical education grade.  Preparation means that a students is on time, dressed for activity (gym shorts/pants and a tee-shirt/sweatshirt), and has all other material that are needed for class (pencil, jacket, homework, etc.).  Students who are not prepared for class will still be allowed to participate, but will lose all preparation points for that day.


    B. Participation

    Participation is becoming involved in the class activity to the best of the student’s ability.  Students are expected to participate in class everyday and class participation accounts for 60% of a student’s final physical education grade.


    C. Tests

    This class will involve several written and several skill tests.  Written examination will be given on the topics and concepts covered in class.  Skill tests will be given on certain skills in the team and individual sport units.  Students will be given the opportunity to practice the skill before being tested.  Both written and skill tests will account for 10% of a student’s final grade for physical education.


    D. Homework

    Occasionally students will be asked to complete work outside of the classroom.  This work will be related to the topics presented in class and is essential to understanding the content being covered.  Homework accounts for 10% of the student’s final physical education grade.