Karol Rene Welling

Karol Welling was a member of the Class of 1979 of Delaware Valley High School. A member of the National Honor Society and Class President she is the first DVHS female graduate to attend a service academy, entering the Air Force Academy as a member of the Class of 1983. There she graduated with a BS in Engineering while being a member of the Swim Team, achieving the rank of Flight Commander and being placed on the Commandant’s List for Academic Excellence and the Superintendent’s List for Academic and Military Excellence. She then served in the United State Air Force from 1983 to 1991. While in the USAF she served as a C-141 Aircraft Commander operating strategic airlift of passengers and cargo worldwide. She served as an instructor to other pilots and eventually as Supervisor of Flying at Williams AFB, Arizona. Selected for the McMurdo Supply Mission she flew the C-141 to the Ice Shelf in Antarctica in support of the National Science Foundation and the US Antarctic Research Program. Since 1991 Ms. Welling has been employed by Delta Airlines as a Second Officer on B-727 and L-1011 aircraft and since 1997 as First Officer on B-757, B-767, L-1001, MD-11 and B-767ER aircraft. Currently she serves as a Member of the Air Line Pilots Association and the International Society of Women Air Line Pilots. She is also a member of the US Masters Swimming Fitness and International Committees.