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     Frau Elke Miller (DDMS/DVMS/DVHS)
    Herr Robert Wyckoff


    Students must demonstrate mastery of the skills outlined in each course description in order to advance to the next level of instruction. Instructor recommendation to continue will be based on evidence of this mastery.

    GERMAN 1

    The student is introduced to the German alphabet and basic vocabulary. Students learn numbers, basic sentence structure and verb conjugation. Various cultural aspects are covered.


    GERMAN 2

    This is an extension of German 1 and the course focus continues to be speaking and understanding the language. More reading work is done and the language is learned through a study of German people and their customs.


    GERMAN 3 

    The student reads various works of literature. The language is further developed through the study of German history, art and architecture. German 3 begins the advanced stage of world language study.


    GERMAN 4 

    This is an advanced level course intended to prepare students for the rigor of upper language usage and learning by challenging them to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in all areas of German. This instruction and content are directed almost entirely in German. The review and study of grammar is continued, but emphasis is placed on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of learning methods to attain the mastery of the skills, concepts, and vocabulary necessary for success. These methodologies include communication, both personal and interpersonal, direct instruction, and guided inquiry. A command of the language through writing and oral presentations focusing on the themes of global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, personal and public identities, families and communities and beauty and esthetics will be an integral part of the course.Technology is integrated whenever appropriate to support and enhance learning.




    Advanced Placement German Language and Culture is a course intended for those students who have successfully completed German 4 and 5.  The class is conducted almost entirely in German and students are encouraged to practice German on a consistent basis with both teachers and peers.  At the advanced placement level, students will review and refine grammatical constructions and learn and apply new vocabulary that will emphasize both written and oral communication so students may increase their levels of proficiency in each of the language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. As students work through the three modes of communication – Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational students will become more proficient in their ability to read and understand various literary genres, participate in conversations, understand directed questions, read newspapers, magazines and Internet articles, and deliver oral and written presentations in a logical and convincing manner utilizing appropriate vocabulary and grammatical constructions.  Those students who elect to pursue AP German Language and Culture should have had a strong foundation in grammar as well as being competent in the areas of reading, listening comprehension, speaking and writing.  Students must also be open to the exploration and understanding of different cultures in relevant and fascinating contexts.  Students should be directed toward an understanding of the culture of the target language in relationship to their own viewpoint and should be able to use the target language in real life settings (Global Challenges, Families and Communities, Beauty and Aesthetics, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life).  The ultimate goal is that students will be able to communicate, read, and write in a natural and accurate manner