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    Today is Monday, February 6, 2023
    Dr. Lantz
    Voice mail:  x7021

    Personal philosophy:
    "My goal is to educate with empathy and thoughtfulness, embodying qualities of kindness, respect, and integrity;
    and to celebrate creativity and wonder with students for an authentic learning experience."

    Dr. Lantz Artist
    Recent artwork:

    I. Lantz 2009      I. Lantz 2010
    Acrylic Painting  25"x 23"                          Acrylic Painting 4" x 8"
    with Mixed Media on Wood                    Sketchbook

      I. Lantz 2008                     I. Lantz 2010
    18kg Brooch Pendant,                                      14kg Pendant
    Opal, Blister Pearl, White Sapphire
                 Ammolite, Iolite