Our Class Expectations



    Our classroom is a place of learning, safety, and respect. We respect ourselves and others while supporting each other in meeting our individual challenges and goals.


    Classroom Expectations

    ¯ Everyone will respect and support each other in their words and actions.

    Ø  Be helpful and respectful to yourself and others

    Ø  No meanness, no bullying, no cursing                                                             



    Extra Help

    • Extra help will be available at least two mornings in each full week – and almost always on the morning of a test,unless a prior meeting or obligation does not allow for it. If you need help on another morning or on an afternoon after 3:15, please see me in advance so that I can check my schedule to ensure that I am available to help.


    Class Materials

    Ø  I suggest a 3-ring binder to hold both your notes and the handouts you will receive in class, but whatever type of notebook works for you should be brought to class every day.
    Ø  I do not have enough writing utensils to give out. Please bring a pencil or a pen with either blue or black ink. You may write with whatever you want in your notebook, but assignments, work, and assessments that are or will be turned in will only be accepted if written in pencil or in blue or black ink. Please bring the proper writing utensil and notebook to class.

    Ø  Calculators are available for use in the classroom when needed; you never have to bring your own to class, although you may if you wish. They rarely will be used on assessments.


    Arrival to Class and Homework

    Ø  Please arrive to class on time and be seated at your desk and ready to work at the bell.
    Ø  If homework is due, it will be checked at the beginning of the class; you will not be able to leave the room to get it.

    Ø  Any absence will follow the rules in this year’s Student Handbook.




    Ø  You should be in class on time, or have an excused pass from a teacher or staff member.
    Ø  If you are late, please sign in on the clipboard and leave your pass on my desk so that I can update your attendance in Power School.

    Ø  Tardinesswill be managed as per the DV handbook.


    Leaving the Classroom

    Ø  It is my goal for no one to leave the classroom during instruction time. Every minute one is out, he misses the work done in his absence. Please use the restroom,water fountain, and locker before coming to class and before the bell.

    Ø  If it is necessary, please ask and then sign out & back in completely and neatly on the clipboard. Excessive leaving is not an option.

    Ø  In an emergency, please leave the room, and be sure to ask if you need help from another student or myself!


    Classroom Manners

    Ø  Please respect and encourage everyone in the class – and please don’t talk over anyone… including the instructor.
    Ø  Listening to and sharing with others is essential; please participate (respectfully) in classroom discussions and questions.
    Ø  There will be a good deal of group work; please stay on task and do not get loud; this is a great way to learn from one’s self and from others. Please do not abuse the privilege, or we will have to use a different learning technique.
    Ø  If you can and wish to go to the board, please ask, if I have not already done so.

    Ø  If, for some reason, I am not in class, please be courteous and respectful to whoever is covering for me.



    Ø  Homework is due and will be checked at the beginning of class; please have it with you.Occasionally it may be collected, so please complete it in pencil or black/blue pen.

    Ø  Doing the homework does two things:

    ®  It allows you to assess where you need help and me to direct my teaching to those areas.

    ®  It helps you to prepare for assessments; it is a great method of studying.

    Ø  We will go over as much homework as time allows, but often we will not cover the entire thing. You are welcome to make a time to meet with me for questions.



    ¯ The teacher dismisses you; the bell does not.

    Ø  Before anyone leaves the room,

    §  it will be clean and all trash will be discarded

    §  the desks will be in neat rows

    §  everyone will be in his seat                 

    ¯No late work will be accepted for full credit

    Ø  Work handed in late will lose points each day

    Ø No extra credit will be offered, so please do all of your work on time!       

    ¯ Cell phones will not be tolerated at any point in our classroom.

    Ø  Please be sure they are off and away.

    ¯Please follow the dress code

    Ø  Anyone violating the dress code will be sent out of the room to change                                                                                                                  

    ¯ Please follow all rules in the Student Handbook and the DV Five