Welcome to Mrs. Walsh’s Honors Algebra 2 & Trigonometry

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    email address: walshs@dvsd.org


    Welcome to my classroom! This will be an exciting year filled with challenging new material (after reviewing Algebra 1 skills), opportunities for in-depth investigation and discussion (hopefully), as well as preparation for high-stakes standardized testing (PSAT’s and SAT’s). I look forward to getting to know each of you, your goals in mathematics, and your current plans for your future.

    Anticipating some of your questions, I have listed the answers below. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to see me or email me. What do you need for class each day? You do not need to bring your textbook! Bring a pencil or pen
    and something to write on (a notebook or binder of your choice). Your notebook will be used for homework, class work, and to record new concepts or vocabulary. You do not need to take “notes.” I will not examine your notebook or give notebook quizzes. However, I do plan to check your homework on a daily basis!

    How is your grade calculated?
         Tests: 100 points per test with 2 – 3 tests per marking period
         Quizzes: 20 – 50 points per quiz with 3 – 6 quizzes per marking period
                    (Quizzes may or may not be announced so be prepared!)
         Graded Assignments: 10 – 30 points
                    (You may choose to collaborate with classmates or use any source to assist you.)
         Homework/Class Participation: 25 points per marking period

                    (approximately 5% of your marking period grade)

    Because the grading policy is based on a point system, all grades are shown as the number of points earned out of the total number of points possible.

    What about homework? Homework will be assigned every day. You will receive an assignment sheet each week, listing the topics addressed and the homework assigned. If you are absent from class, you are still responsible for that material. I check homework almost every day. You must show your work in order to receive credit for your homework!

    How is class participation scored? Students can earn up to 25 points per marking period for completion of daily homework assignments (one point deducted for each incomplete homework assignment) and participation in class discussions and investigations. Points will not be deducted due to absence from class. Obviously, I also expect you to be on time for class and conduct yourself as if our roles were reversed.

    Is there extra help if needed? Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need help! I will make myself available before school or after school to answer your questions. I want you to be successful! Your grade will reflect your mastery of the course content as well as your effort. Skilled students with a strong work ethic can compete globally – my goal for each of you!! 

    Online resources for all notes and assignments.
              https://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com/northamerica/mymathlab/ (or google my mathlab)
                     login: honalg2student@yahoo.com
                     password: Dvhs2020