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    The Inaugural Induction of the DVHS Chapter of the National Art Honor Society was held on Jan 10, 2018. Twenty-six sophomores, juniors, and seniors applied and met the criteria of academic and artistic achievement. Upon their induction, students have committed to maintaining their membership by utilizing their artistic skills to contribute to school and community.

    Advisor, Dr. Irene Lantz led the ceremony. Students, Julia Thompson, Abigail Babitz, Chiara Ruggiero, Anastasia Geros, and Georgana Williams, spoke meaningfully about the purpose of the NAHS, the power of art in a community, and how we can lead with our art.

    In the words of junior, Julia Thompson, “Together, we have experience with everything from metalworking, to digital art, to painting, to ceramics. We are also learning to observe, critique, and appreciate other’s art on an advanced and sophisticated level. Most importantly, NAHS will enable us to make a positive contribution to our community in ways that are complex, creative, and beautiful.”

    The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Hexagon Project, a global project demonstrating our interdependence within our society. Students shared their artistry depicting the theme “Transforming Conflict”. The hexagon shape was the unifying thread but each hexagon was uniquely created and of personal meaning to the artist.

    The Art department is excited for the promise of what our new inductees can achieve. Congratulations to:

    Seniors: Sophia Catalano, Jack Doyle, Chloe Gawel, Anastasia Geros, Carly Naundorff, Grace Riexinger, Jade Rubenstein, Ashley Skrypek, Tara Vecchio, Georgana Williams, Michelle Wolf, Olivia Wood

    Juniors: Cailin Connors, Abagail Druttman, Logan Gallagher, Alexandra Garcia, Jayda Mann, Adrianna Mojica, Chiara Ruggiero, Julia Thompson, Brianna Tonnesen

    Sophomores: Abigail Babitz, Kayley Baker, Samantha Garcia, Kaitlyn Nagrowski, Abigail Reno


    • Complete and mail artwork to the HEXAGON PROJECT

    • Host an after school event for the middle school

    • Coordinate activities and work with residents of Milford Health Care center

    • Conduct a POP-up make and take

    • Bulletin board for Black History month

    • Paint murals for the hallways


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