• Information for Parents



    Warning signs of a mental health crisis

    • Wanting to die, feelings of guilt or shame, extremely sad, anxiousness, agitated, or rage
    • Being a burden to others or feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, being trapped, or having no reason to live
    • Extremely sad, more anxious, agitated, or full of rage
    • Unbearable emotional or physical pain or making a plan or researching ways to die
    • Withdrawing from friends, saying goodbye, giving away important items, or making a will
    • Taking dangerous risks such as driving extremely fast or displaying extreme mood swings
    • Eating or sleeping more or less and/or using drugs or alcohol more often

    How to respond if you have concerns about your child or adolescent

    • If you notice any of the warning signs in someone or yourself, reach out to a trusted adult.
    • Use simple words and give words to feelings, explain what will happen or what to expect
    • Ask if they are ok or if they are having thoughts of suicide
    • Express your concern about what you are observing in their behavior
    • Listen attentively and non-judgmentally, give time to process
    • Reflect on what they share and let them know they have been heard
    • Tell them they are not alone.  Let them know there are treatments available that can help
    • If you or they are concerned, guide them to a trusted adult for additional professional help


    Below is additional information and resources that may help:


    Mental Health Crisis Hotline Phone Numbers

    1.  Local Crisis Response -- 570-992-0879 (mobile crisis for Carbon, Monroe and Pike Counties)

    2.  24 Hour Crisis and Emergency Services 1-800-849-1868 (National)

    3.  Local Emergency Response Dial 911

    4.  Mental Health Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Hotline Text 988

    5.  National Crisis Text Line --  Text 741741


    Additional Resources

    1.  Pike County Mental Health and Developmental Services -- (570) 296-6484 -- cmpmhds.org

    2.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  --  suicidepreventionlikeline.org

    3.  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention --  https://afsp.org/

    4.  988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline --  https://988lifeline.org/  --  (QR Code Below)   

    5.  Safe to Say Something -- https://www.safe2saypa.org/  --   (School Safety Website/Resources)


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