• Physical Examinations

              The PA school code requires physical examinations for grades K, 6, 11, or upon original entry in Pennsylvania schools.  The physical examinations may be obtained from your private physician up to 1 year prior to the student starting the grade.  
               Please keep the school nurse informed of medical problems and limitations of activities as they occur throughout your child’s school life.  The school nurse can help modify a student’s activities if needed.

    Dental Examinations

             The PA school code requires dental examinations in grades K, 3, 7, and all transfer students out of state.

    Hearing Screenings

              All students in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, 11, and students in special education will have a hearing test given by the school nurse.  Students will also be screened on an as needed basis. If you child fails this screening, a referral will be mailed home.

    Vision Screenings

              Vision screenings shall be conducted yearly on every child, grades K through 12. This screening is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye examination by an eye care specialist. If your child fails this screening, a referral will be mailed home. 
    Height and Weight Screenings

              Your child’s height, weight, and BMI percentile is completed yearly in grades K through 12.  A growth screening letter will be sent home to all parents.  This will include the Body Mass Index for Age Percentile which is used as a guideline to help assess whether a person may be overweight or underweight.

    Scoliosis Screenings

       Scoliosis screening is mandated in grades 6 and 7. 

              If deviations from normal are detected during any screening, the student will be referred to his/her private physician for further evaluation and possible treatment.  Referral forms for the appropriate screening will be either mailed to you or sent home with the student.  Please have your physician complete the form, and return it to the Nurse’s Office at your earliest convenience.