Activity Route #3 - Route 2001/Log Tavern Road/Route 739 North

ROUTE 2001 /  LOG TAVERN ROAD / ROUTE 739 NORTH - Activity Run # 3

The bus leaves Delaware Valley High School and proceeds to its first stop at Oak Manor Estates. The bus turns onto Log Tavern Road, to Route 739. The bus proceeds on Rt. 739 to the Sunrise Lake Entrance, and continues on to Cranberry Ridge and then to Conashaugh Lakes. The bus then returns on Rt. 739 and drops off along Rt. 739 (right-handed stops), including the Rt. 739 Entrance to birchwood, the Park and Ride and then returns back on Route 739 dropping off again right-handed stops back to the Dingman Delaware School complex where the route ends.