Activity Route #2 - Silver Lake Road/Wild Acres


The bus leaves Delaware Valley High School, drives nonstop to the intersection of Route 2001 and Log Tavern Road and begins student drop off while proceeding south on Route 2001. The bus turns onto Route 739 to Doolan Road, to Silver Lake Road to Marcel Lake Estates. The bus then drops off at Pocono Mtn Lake Forest at Moose Court.  The bus returns south on Silver Lake Road to Childs Park Road to Wild Acres, then continuing on Park Road turning right onto Milford Rd. Proceed to Log and Twig/Milford Rd for a stop. Turn Left onto Chestnut Ridge, following until the bus makes a left onto Wilson Hill proceeding to the Milford Rd/Wilson Hill stop. The bus will proceed north on Route 2001, returning to the intersection of Route 2001 and Route 739 where the route ends.