• Welcome to Ms. Edmonds Art Room





    Homework Due on Fri., Nov. 13th

    All Classes - Welcome to Art, Sign and Return


    Please have the supplies listed below for art class by Monday, November 16.



    *Please note: Due to health and safety standards we will be unable to share art supplies in/across art classes. Students are being asked to come to school with basic supplies to be used in art class.

    Here is a list of supplies I would like you to bring to school for art class:

    2 or more sharpened pencils

    1 eraser

    1 handheld pencil sharpener with cover

    4 sealable plastic bags, gallon size.

    1 pair of scissors

    1 glue stick


    Colored pencils

    1 black fine point sharpie marker

    1 set of watercolor paint

    1 watercolor paintbrush

    1 ruler/straight edge.

    *All of your supplies must fit in ONE of the gallon plastic bags listed above.

    If you are unable to acquire the supplies on the list please message me immediately at edmondst@dvsd.org or on Remind using the codes listed below.



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