• Tutoring
    Coordinated by the Guidance Department
     The tutoring schedule changes throughout the year.  Click on the Tutoring Permission Slip for the latest information.
    Permission Slip is REQUIRED.  Available in Guidance office or print a copy here:
    Tutoring Permission Slip
    For more info call 296-3656 extension 3152.

     Ÿ  Tutoring is meant for any student who is having difficulty with their subject matter.

     Ÿ  It may be attended weekly as reinforcement to what is taught in the classroom.

    Ÿ It may also be used on an “as needed” basis to strengthen understanding of difficult concepts from the classroom.


    Science:           Mrs. McCarthy     Thursdays Rm F5

    Math:               Ms.Nied              Thursdays Rm F7

    Math – 6th Grade: Mrs. DeFrancesco – Tuesdays - D8 

    Social Studies:  Ms. Bachelder     Thursdays Rm G8 

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What time does it run?

    A: Afterschool to 4:20 p.m. on Tuesdays & Thursdays, afterschool to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays & Wednesdays.

    Q: What subjects are offered?

    A: There is a list of subjects with the days offered on permission slip.  This changes throughout the year.

    Q: How can my child participate?

    A:  Each student must return a signed permission slip to the guidance office to participate. One signed permission slip is good for the whole school year.

    Q: How should my child prepare?

    A:  To make the tutoring process more effective it is recommended that students tell their classroom teacher that they are going to tutoring and ask them what work they need to make up or review.  The students should have their questions ready for the tutoring teacher.

     Tutoring Permission Slip