• All students are graded using a rubric.  For every project students are graded in the areas of content, creativity and craftsmanship.  Below is a sample of what one may look like. 
    Can find all of my rubrics in my Pulbic File in the School Website

    Complimentary color

    From Still Life


    Name__________________                                                                                                                                                                      Date________




    ___ 10 Flowers are large (about the size of your hand.)

    ___10 Flowers are realistically drawn.

    ___10 Background is a complementary color to the flowers.



    ___10 Flowers are placed in an interesting way.

    ___10 Foliage placement is diagonal or brings the viewers eye across the page.



    ___10 Free of fingerprints

    ___10 Brushstrokes are long.

    ___10 Brushstrokes are neatly painted.


    ___10 Good use of class time