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    Delaware Valley Middle School (DVMS) is one of two middle schools in Delaware Valley School District. DVMS, which is contiguous to the Delaware Valley High School, opened in 1987. It has housed students in grades six through eight for the majority of its history. However, during a time of significant population growth, sixth grade students were moved to Delaware Valley Elementary School and Shohola Elementary School between 2006 and 2012. 

    At the time of its opening in 1987, the principal was Kenneth Weaver, holding the position until 1988.

    William Day assumed the role of principal in 1988, holding the position for one year.

    In 1989, Principal Terrence Blaum ran the building until 1994. Later, Louis Paris took command for the 1995 school year.

    Tom Finan became acting Principal from 1996 through the Fall of 1997. That is when Principal John Bell assumed the command of DVMS. Mr. Bell held the position until 2002. 

    In 2003, Tom Quinn began as Principal. He maintained that position until 2005.

    Principal Pete Ioppolo has been with the district since 2002 and Principal of DVMS since 2006.

    Delaware Valley Middle School’s history may be traced back to Pennsylvania’s earliest type of school district. These community districts were at one time created and overseen by leaders within individual villages, towns, and communities throughout the Commonwealth.

    In 1954, the Delaware Valley School District was created as a result of the consolidation of five such school districts: Milford Independent, Matamoras Borough, Westfall Township, Delaware Township, and Dingman Township. In 1968, Shohola Township School District also merged to become part of DVSD.

    Although each area retained its own neighborhood schools and students, high school students were taught in the building that housed the old Delaware Valley Elementary School. In 1970, a new high school was built on the same complex, and Delaware Valley Middle School was created in the school formerly occupied by DVHS students. Fifth through eighth grade students initially attended middle school in this first DVMS. Kindergarten through fourth students remained in their community’s neighborhood schools.

    In 1987, the newly built DVMS, contiguous to the high school, opened for grades six through eight. 

    Due to rapid local population growth during the late 1980s and 1990s, sections of the middle school were changed to high school, and Dingman Delaware Middle School was constructed for Dingman Township middle school students in 1994.

    In 1997, an addition to DVMS was built, and, in 2001, yet another addition was constructed.

    Delaware Valley Middle School’s motto is ‘Where Dreams Become a Reality’. The school’s motto reflects the numerous opportunities students have to explore their interests, show off their talents, and create a middle school experience they will remember for a lifetime. 

    School Days at DVMS

    DVMS offers a variety of activities to meet the diverse interests of middle school students. The programs focus on athletics, academics, visual and performing arts, and community service. In all, DVMS offers over thirty after-school activities to its middle school students, with approximately two-thirds of the student population participating.  

    Co-curricular academic programs offer students the opportunity to explore disciplines that interest them. Odyssey of the Mind and Science Olympiad are offered to those who wish to explore science and technology. Geography and spelling bees, along with the Math Counts competition allow students with strengths in these areas to shine. Gifted programs focusing on expanding and enriching the existing curriculum, as well as PSSA math and language arts tutoring, are offered during the school day. Tutoring for all academic subjects and PSSA Prep are available after school.

    Multiple athletic programs exist in the middle school, including football, girls and boys tennis, girls and boys soccer, field hockey, cross country, girls and boys basketball, wrestling, girls volleyball, softball, baseball, track and field, and cheerleading. 

    Programs offered to those with a more artistic palette include the art club and the scrapbook club. Students with a hunger for the spotlight can perform in the fall drama production. Band, chorus, and orchestra help develop students’ musical talents. The literary magazine and the school newspaper provide students with the opportunity to share their work and read the work of their peers. Yearbook provides students with an early taste of graphic design.

    Chess, Zumba, Fishing, and Walking Clubs are recent additions as co-curricular offerings at DVMS.

    Student Council and Students Against Substance Abuse (SASA) focus on creating a healthy school climate. They plan and implement activities for students and staff, and they also help provide a connection between the school and the outside community. 

    Many DVMS programs have recently had moments worth mentioning. These include the following:

    • Drama productions, including Bugsy Malone, Grease and Schoolhouse Rocks! Live, have drawn hundreds of families, friends, and community members into our auditorium. 
    • An annual Career Day that invites over 30 professionals from the community to share the ins and outs of their profession and inspire eighth grade minds.
    • The Odyssey of the Mind competition recorded two teams placing in Worlds.
    • An annual talent show that provides middle school students the opportunity to show off talents from comedy and Irish step dancing to performing magic and original musical pieces. 
    • The Tri-State Area Spelling Bee is held annually resulting in several students traditionally successfully moving through several rounds of competition.

    Students at DVMS have numerous opportunities to explore their interests, show off their talents, and create a middle school experience they will remember for a lifetime. 


    Where Dreams Become Reality