~ Mrs. Towle ~
    5th Grade Math Teacher
    I hope you find all the information provided helpful and easily accessible!  Please let me know if there is anything else that I could put on my webpage that you or other parents may find helpful!
    Contact Information
    Classroom: D6
    Email:  TowleC@dvsd.org    
    Voicemail/Homework Hotline:  296-3656 (ext. 7089)
     * I can usually respond to emails quicker than voicemails, but the BEST way to contact me is through Class Dojo.  * 
    These websites include the GOMath! website, Study Island and Khan Academy.  All three of these links can provide extra help in different areas of the fifth grade mathematics curriculum.  Added bonus... all three of these websites are free!  
    You can access the newsletters as they come out each week.  These provide information regarding the current mathematical concepts being addressed and the dates of upcoming tests, quizzes and projects.  They also includes a little blurb about special activities taking place in the fifth grade and other events occurring school-wide at SES.

    Click here to see "The Leader in Me" in 5T

    You can view our Classroom Mission Statement and "Caught Being a Leader" nominations and winners.
    Students can practice their math vocabulary terms for each chapter on Quizlet; this is an interactive website that provides students with immediate feedback regarding their answers.  There are different games and activities to help the students memorize the terms and their definitions.  (There is even a practice test!)