• Wonders ELA at Home ~ Log-in and Access Information

    Did your child, leave his/her textbook at school? No problem! Has your child misplaced the homework practice page? No problem! Is your child having trouble reading the story independently? No problem! Need the spelling word list? No problem!

    The entire Wonders program is available on-line for you and your child to use at home. If books or homework practice pages are left at school, you can easily log-in and access the weekly stories and all practice worksheets. The Wonders Website is full of fabulous features; please take the time to  explore the site and become familiar with all it has to offer:

    • To log-in

      • http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com

      • User name:   Student email (ID@dvsdedu.org) 10001234@dvsdedu.org

      • Password:     Dv/dv and then student ID number (case sensitive)

        • Example:       Dv10001234


    • Click on the picture of your book

    • At the top of the page, click on “Resources”

    • On this page, you will find all your resources. There are 214 pages of resources, so it is easier and faster to use the menu on the left side of the page.

      • Helpful Hint: Once you find the books that you use most frequently, you can click on the yellow star shown alongside the book and it will be added to your “My Favorites” tab.


    • For your story textbook, click on “My Books” and then the “Literature Anthology”

      • The entire textbook is available.

      • You can click on the speaker icon on each page to hear the story read aloud.


    • For practice pages, click on “Skills Practice.” Then look on the left side for the subject. Most homework assignments will be from “Your Turn Practice Book,” “Grammar Mechanics,” and “Phonics/Spelling Practice.” Once you click on the subject, your book will be the first choice on the page. Click on the picture of the book and you will have access to the entire book. The pages can be printed.