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1994 Time Capsule Opened

On Friday, October 11 the time capsule sealed in the cornerstone of the DDMS building was opened.  It had been placed there in 1994.  Several people who were 8th grade students in 1994 were in attendance as well as current at past DDMS administrators and teachers.  It was a wonderfully reminiscent ceremony.  Mrs. Sanorelli, the current DDMS Vice Principal, announced that this year's 8th grade class would prepare momentos to be resealed in the time capsule for another 25 years.

Cornerstone   Time Capsule Contents

The Cornerstone contained the Time Capsule.               Time Capsule contents.


The opening

Opened by 1994 8th graders and teacher, Mr. Patterson



Retiree, Mr. Barry Bartle, returns to conduct choir.


Opening 1  Opening 2


Opening 3  Opening 4

1994 Gang


DDMS and DVSD current and past adminstrators.

1994 Throwback Video