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STEM K'Nex Competition

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 Eight of the DDMS Gifted students participated in the regional STEM K*Nex competition held at the NCC Monroe Campus on Friday March 3rd. Students had to build and design an amusement park ride that was also powered by a green technology and to track and keep a budget of the pieces that were used.  DDMS students began work in late January, submitting designs to teachers, Rachel Goldstein and Anthony Comunale where two teams of four were chosen out of the fourteen Gifted students that submitted designs. One team, with eighth graders Alice Cauchi, Devin Brophy, and Connor LaMarca, and sixth-grader John Nagy, presented the Tilt-A-Hurl, a centifurge ride powered by the wind.  The second team, with seventh-graders Taino Rivera and Toby Shedd, and sixth-graders, James Zayatz and Aracelia Denhalter, created the Mean Green Sightseeing Machine, a large tower that allows visitors to see amazing vistas from the ride, powered by solar panels.  The students worked very hard despite snow day setbacks and getting a late start to the designs but are now just awaiting results from the Intermediate Unit who sponsored the event.