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Drop off and Pickup

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for DVES Students


1. School officially begins at 9:05 AM.

2. Every student has a seat reserved for him or her on a bus for the entire school year.


Procedures for Parent/Guardian Drop – Off, Pick - Up

Arrival (Drop - Off):

· In the morning, upon arrival, student drop-off will occur at the following entrances (all at the front of the building and numbered from the outside):

      Pre – K – Entrance 3 (to the right of the main entrance)

      K and 1st grade – Entrance 1 (office/main entrance)

      2nd and 3rd grade – Entrance 14 (gym entrance)

      4th and 5th grade – Entrance 15 (library entrance)

· Drop-off may occur from 8:45-9:05.

· Please follow the traffic pattern around the loop in the front parking lot and stay within the lineup of cars until exiting the lot. Vehicles should pull along the curb at the front of the building, and students should then depart their vehicle, proceeding to the assigned entrance immediately.

· Should drop-off occur after 9:05, students will need to be signed in by an adult in the main office and will be considered tardy.

Dismissal (Pick – Up):

· A note is required in order for students to be picked up from school rather than ride the bus home. If a student is an everyday parent/guardian pick – up, one permanent note must be submitted.

· Parent/guardian pick - up notes on any given day, should include the student’s name, teacher, date, the name of the adult who is picking up and a parent/guardian signature.

· The intent to pick up a student must be provided in writing by 3:00 each day. Students will not be added to the pick-up list between 3:15-3:30.

· Pick-ups will be dismissed at 3:30 at the same entrances above for each grade level.

· As each student will be dismissed to an adult, those picking up should park in the parking lot in the front of the building, have photo ID available, and proceed to the assigned entrance.


Bus Entrances and Exits

Students riding the bus to and from school each day will enter/exit at the following entrances:

   K and 1st grade – Entrance 10 (end of B Hall)

   2nd and 3rd grade – Entrance 13 (bus entrance)

   4th and 5th grade – Entrance 12 (end of C Hall)

Procedures for DVES Walkers and Bikers

Students who live in the Matamoras area, close to our school, will be able to walk or ride their bikes to school. Bike riders may use the bike racks that are available at the school. These students are encouraged to lock their bikes with their own locks as the district will not be responsible for stolen equipment.

Safety is of the utmost concern with student walkers and bike riders for arrival and dismissal procedures. In order to keep all safe, while also maintaining a smooth arrival and dismissal, please follow these procedures and guidelines:

1. If parents/guardians choose to permit their child to walk/ride bikes to or from school, please complete the attached permission slip. Permission grants the student’s classroom teacher to dismiss the student at 3:30 every day of the week. Students will not be permitted to walk some days of the week and not others. All permission for walkers/bicyclists and any changes during the school year must be done in writing.

2. Student walkers/bicyclists should enter/exit the building at Exit 12 by the intermediate playground. Bicyclists should park and lock their bikes in the bike racks at Exit 12.

3. Student walkers/bicyclists will not be permitted to enter the building each morning until 8:45 AM and must arrive to school by 9:05 AM. Please arrange and plan for the amount of time it takes to travel to school as students should not be arriving on campus until 8:45 when staff supervision begins.

4. To reiterate, those students who do not live close to the school and are unable to walk or bike to/from their home should ride the bus. Please refrain from dropping off or picking up students in Matamoras in order to designate students as walkers or bicyclists.

5. When a walker/biker is absent from school, please email call the main office, (570) 296-1822 or 296-1823 or call the student’s classroom teacher by 9:00 AM in order to communicate the student’s absence.