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Accessing Special Area Google Classrooms

Dear DVES Families, 

In the event that there is an extended closure of our school district and work must still be completed, the Special Area Team (Art, Guidance, Library, Health/Physical Education, and Music) Teachers have prepared work to be done outside of school. 

Please log into google classroom ( using the codes below, and email us if you have any questions. 

Thank you! 

Art , Mrs. Zito - Grades K-2 Code: xspq6po Grades 3-5 Code: rmmespi 

Guidance , Mr. Adelfio - Grade K Code: 4vo2xg5 Grade 1 Code: j7v33ax Grade 2 Code: av4qkua Grade 3 Code: lkhmftr Grade 4 Code: zff2f7v Grade 5 Code: tqrqtzp 

Music , Ms. Kondracki - Grades K-2 Code: j4jckzx Grades 3-5 Code: mhvcr3n 

Health & Physical Education, Mrs. Hubbard - Grades K-5 Code: x4dcu5n Health & Physical Education, Mr. Neidig - Grades K-5 Code: 3aeure4 

Library , Mr. Mang - Grades K-5 Code: 6gpsb43