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Coronavirus Update

Dear DV Community:

Plenty can change in 24 hours – just ask the NBA and NCAA college basketball.  If you aren’t aware, in addition to colleges going online all across the country, the NBA has suspended their season until further notice and the NCAA announced that their “March Madness” basketball tournament will be played with no fans.  While we still don’t have any reported cases in Pike County, they keep getting closer and closer.  Therefore, it is time to take additional precautions.

We are taking additional measures effective immediately and they will stay in effect until April 30.  As we approach that date, we will decide whether we will resume normal activities on May 1 or continue in this mode until school ends in June.  We love our schools being the hub of community activity.  However, our primary mission is keeping our students healthy and getting them their 180 days of education.  Therefore, we are going to restrict community use of our indoor facilities.  Here is a list of changes:

  1. All DV-ACE classes are cancelled through April 30.  This includes all swimming classes and community swim as well.

  2. All community use of our indoor facilities is cancelled through April 30.  This includes everything like tricky trays, dance recitals, Kindred Spirits concerts and the like.  Use of outdoor playing fields by groups serving our students such as Cal Ripken, youth lacrosse etc. will be allowed.

  3. All PTA activities that are open to the public are also cancelled through April 30 such as candy bar bingo, extravaganzas and the like.

  4. We are asking the college students (perhaps more than 1,000 of them) returning home to not enter our schools and other buildings such as the field house until they have been home and symptom-free for 14 days.  Attending college with students from around the world and with many having just taken spring break trips, these DV graduates have been exposed to a much larger sample of people from around the world.  They are welcome to attend outside events such as sports games.

  5. All schools will maintain our locked door policy even after dismissal through April 30.  No doors will be unlocked after hours for activities so this will take some coordination for school groups/clubs who stay after.  DVHS/MS has a huge amount of traffic after school.  The pool doors in the front of the building and the 9-10 entrance on the back side of the building will be manned by staff members to permit access as needed from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.    

  6. All large group (100 or more students) assemblies, gatherings, dances, sleepovers, leadership days etc. are cancelled through April 30.  I realize our cafeterias hold more than 100 but there isn’t much we can do about that.   

  7. Other areas – we won’t make any decisions yet regarding the public crowds for the DVHS and DDMS drama/musicals in mid-April.  Sports will continue as scheduled until further notice.  Thankfully, all spring sports except boys’ volleyball play outdoors.  The prom involves students who are already around each other every day so I don’t see any issues with that as of now.

Thanks for your attention to these details.

Dr. John Bell