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An easier way to provide absence notes

You can now send letters about your child’s absence in via email!  No more looking for paper, pen and an envelope then hoping it actually gets it to the right person.  Any time there is an absence, you can email the excuse note to the following secretaries:

Secondary Schools

DVHS – Joyce Batista at 

DDMS – Lora Castoro at

DVMS – Natalia Mady at

Elementary Schools

DDPS – Donna Frable at

DDES – Cathy Davidson at

DVES – Susan Rustin at

SES – Cindi Keegan at

The state recently revised laws and regulations regarding absences and what constitutes truancy.  We want to be proactive by creating an easier way than ever before to get the excuse notes from your home to our system and keeping everyone out of trouble with the new law.