Homework Assignments

  • Homework for our Covid-19 Shutdown:


    For both American Military History and Social Problems courses:

    I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

    So as I'm sure you are aware from the ConnectEd message that Dr.Bell sent today, we are out until at least April 8th. This means that work that I have posted (with the exception of the 2 extra credit assignments) are now officially due on March 30th by midnight. Please keep checking the Google Classroomon a daily basis in order to keep up with any missed work. If any of you are interested in meeting virtually, let me know. I'm willing to try a zoom session. Email is gelderman@dvsd.org. 

    To sign up for remind.com, do one of the following:

    For a smartphone: rmd.at/your class code listed below

    Text notfications: text your class code below to 81010

    email: rem.at/ your class code listed below

    Remind.com class codes: Period 1: @mrgelderm  Period 2: @8798kh   Period 3: @cgd9e4   Period 4: @hdd97g   Period 6: @c9c7g6

    Google Classroom Codes (You must be signed into Google with your district ID to access)

    Period 1: gy7y6mn   Period 2: vbgnc6s   Period 3: zrtq3tq   Period 4: rqw4oyo   Period 6: aiyj2tf