• I hope you are looking forward to starting Sociology! This can be one of the most important, eye-opening (and life-changing) courses you can take. We are going to be looking at society and our roles and interactions in our society. Because of this we are really going to be studying life! When we are done, you will see how and why the choices you make today affects you and the people around you today, tomorrow and twenty years in the future! These are the materials you should have for class:
    1. Something to write with. It does not matter if it is pencil or pen, but most days you will need it.
    2. Something to write on. Requirement is a 1-inch three ring binder.
    3. No cell phone out. I mean it, and this is the one hard and fast rule I have. If you feel you must have it with you, it needs to remain where I cannot see it.